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Dubai. United Arab Emirates

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What we do at Yes2You 

​​​​​​​We help women say Yes! to their Health, Wealth, Relationships and finally, igniting their gifts and passion that will catapult them into their destiny. 

We believe that a woman's wellness is supported by her four main foundations or critical pillars, which is her health, her wealth, her relationships, her freedom to identify her authentic gifts and the opportunity to live out her Purpose by pouring out her gift to the world.

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Every girl needs that divine moment when opportunity meets purpose and she breaks through! And step into her destiny.  For every woman was created with a unique gift, a unique blueprint, a unique purpose to fullfill.  We aim to ignite that inner gift and help you to pour it out to the world.  Women think they need permission from the world to live out their gift.  But the truth is, if you wait for everything to somehwo be perfect, or the "right time"  you will wait forever.  Tap into your hidden gifts and talents and share it with the world.

You are a woman first and foremost.  You are divinely created. 

You may be someone's mother or not.  A Wife or girlfriend.  Single or divorced.  Working or housewife. 

These are only there to enhance you, but their status does not define you.  You are not somehow less or more, depending on your relationship status, the money that you have or may not have in your bank account, the clothes and labels you wear, or the way that you choose to show up in the world on any given day. 

You are more than a conquerer, and your Creator knit you beautifully, and carefully together in your mother's womb.  And in your heart, He placed some mighty big dreams. 

In your womb, He placed a fountain of life- giving love, that is why you are able to pour out love so generously to everyone around you, as they demand your all. 

Do not be discouraged, for as you pour out your gift to the world, He will pour His life and His love back into you. But you MUST know who you are in Him. For it is when you do not know who you were meant to be in this world, and what inheritance has been set aside for you, that you will listen to the lies of the enemy, the world who wants to ascribe false identities to you.  It is only when you know how loved and gifted you are, that you will value yourself, take the time to discover you again, discover your unique talents and abilities and wrap it into a package to give it to the world.

Come, on, life is short.  Let us be brave together.  Say Yes! to you.  Fill out the contact form and let me take you by the hand and work with you.  Say Yes!  to your gift.  Say Yes! to You.

Isn't it time to start living by design, rather than default?

The World is waiting for your Gift!

Imagine living life by design, doing what you love and fulffilling your highest calling?  This is only possible if you intentionally pursue a life that is dedicated to sharing your gift with the world.  No one can do for what you have been called to do on this earth.  Stop trading your time for money.  The world of work is changing and so should your priorities.